7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tree Service Company

Finding a tree service that does a great job or delivers value looks pretty simple. But it’s not, considering there are 100s of local tree services that claim to do a professional job. Who you hire for a tree job matters as their work can impact your landscaping and even safety.

How do you know which tree services can keep your trees healthy and strong and make money? This post shows you seven crucial things to consider when looking for a local tree service in Los Angeles.


Check Licensing and Credentials

A professional tree company will have proper licensing and solid credentials demonstrating that they know what they’re doing. If you hire a tree removal service without appropriate credentials or appropriate licensing, you’re taking a gamble.

They may skimp the tree work and ignore guidelines and safety requirements, which could put you at the risk of injury or loss.

Find out which type of training and certifications their employees and arborists have. You want to make sure the people who handle the tree work are qualified, educated, and adhere to safety measures—all hallmarks of the best tree service.

Verify Insurance Coverage

Any responsible tree company will have the proper insurance to back their work. Even when a tree service has enough safety measures, something can still go wrong. You want to ensure that the company has insurance coverage for any accident or situation.

If a tree branch falls on your roof and damages it, the liability insurance coverage will pay for it. Workers’ compensation is equally crucial. It may cover any physical injury that tree technicians arborists may suffer while working on your property. Ask for proof of insurance. In this case, a copy of the insurance certificate. You can also contact their insurance to confirm that the company’s insurance policy is still active.

Find a tree service with proper coverage to be safe so your property stays protected. Smaller tree companies with a handful of employees may not be required to have coverage. Not having coverage puts the company’s employees at risk, and they could end up making unnecessary claims against your insurance company.

Seek Referrals

A tree company can project a positive image or make itself look reputable. Take that with a pinch of salt. Find out what their real customers have to say. If you know a friend, neighbor, or even a colleague that’s had tree work done by a local tree service, ask them for recommendations.

Alternatively, you can ask the tree companies serving property owners in the Los Angeles county area for referrals from some of their past customers. Get in touch with those people and verify that the tree company you’re considering did the work to their expectations and in a safe way.

Be sure to check online reviews at Yelp or the Google Business Profile or Better Business Bureau (BBB). Such sites publish customer ratings and reviews. You’ll be able to determine whether you can do an excellent job or not. Pay attention to issues with reliability and follow-ups. Any mention of safety or damage done is always a red flag.

Consider Tree Service Options

Not every tree company out there offers comprehensive tree services. Some provide specific tree services, while others provide end-to-end tree solutions. Be clear on what you want a local tree service to do for you. A professional tree service like IEC does more than pruning trees in Los Angeles:

Ask the company’s reps if they provide the services you require and their expertise. Find out how they handle tree health problems and perform stump removal. Be sure to ask what type of equipment the company’s technicians use.

You want to be certain the tree service has the right tools and equipment to handle your type of tree work, and their certified arborist can do a good job.

Get Quotes

Ask the local free service for a quote before you allow them to do anything. Obtaining quotes from various tree companies helps you compare tree service costs and determine the best option. Steer away from any company that offers unusually low quotes, as they may skimp the work or surprise you with hidden fees.

You want to save money on your next tree job, but you also don’t want to compromise on the quality or safety of your commercial properties. As you look at the quotes, ensure you compare similar services to get the best value—request for a written quote with a breakdown of the tree service costs.

A written quote acts as evidence and obliges the tree company to honor its promise. If they avoid giving you a quote, there’s a good chance they intend to charge you more than what you expect to pay for the job.

Pay Attention to Safety and Tree Care

Whether you need to prune trees or remove overgrown trees, the fact is tree work carries some risks. A tree company that ignores basic safety measures could cause serious damage to your house. Their tree technicians may also hurt your loved one or a neighbor. Find out what qualifications their tree care professionals have.

A good tree company will have arborists with extensive experience in tree work, especially the type of work you intend to do. It’s important to work with a company that also cares about tree health, especially if you’ve just started trimming yours.

Ask what the tree service does to protect your property and the landscaping in general. Sometimes, the tree job requires heavy equipment, which can damage your lawn and front yard.

Ask Other Questions

As you engage with the tree service, you can ask more questions. Be sure to seek clarification about their processes, equipment, and even tree care guys. If something seems odd, don’t be afraid to point it out. It’s better to establish the facts and get answers now than have the company work; things turn out differently.

Another question you may want to ask is how long the tree service has been operating. If the company is still new, they likely have little experience and no project to their name. You’ll also want to know when they can start and complete your project.

Good companies are always booked for weeks or months, which means you may have to wait longer to get the tree work done.

Looking for Tree Pruning or Tree Removal? Contact a Reputable Tree Service Today

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