Tree Health: How to Tell Your Trees Are Healthy

Tree Health: How to Tell Your Trees Are Healthy

When it comes to your commercial property or the properties in your HOA region, it is important to maintain the health and vitality of the trees and shrubs on those properties.

Before planting is done, most residential and commercial property owners will research the best and heartiest plants that are well-suited to your climate and soil.

Tree health care

Likewise, most property owners will either hire a tree health care company with certified arborists on staff to provide proper care and keep trees healthy or take the time themselves to properly water, prune, and fertilize their planted investments.

Even with the best possible tree care in place, a tree’s health can still suffer.

Everything from tree pests to diseases that can result in dead branches is very likely to diminish the overall health of the trees on a property. Entrusting tree and plant health care to a professional arborist is often the best option for a client’s property.

Then, the property owners must understand how to evaluate their trees and shrubs to determine the overall tree health.

Why Is Tree Health Care So Important?

Tree and plant health care is important to ensure continued beauty and vibrancy. A good landscape can include shade trees, large trees, shrubs, and various types of plants, and all of these plants and trees require appropriate care and tending.

Tree Health Care

When proper tree care and disease control are not maintained and checked regularly, the result can be a greatly diminished aesthetic for your landscape design.

Poor landscaping can reduce the property values of the surrounding properties and make the neighborhood look less than perfect.

Proper tree care is also important because it is more cost-effective than removing dead trees and plants and buying and planting new ones.

Inspecting Healthy Trees to Maintain Their Well-Being

Even if you are not a certified arborist, you can still inspect the tree health of your property.

There are some clear symptoms to look out for when having an unhealthy tree on your property. These signs include:

  • Cracks or holes in the trunk or limbs of a tree
  • Broken branches
  • Dead branches
  • Leafless branches
  • Appearance of fungus
  • Strange leaf colors, shapes, or sizes
  • Bare patches
  • Leaves with holes
  • Evidence of tree pests
  • The appearance of oozing sap
  • Signs of disease

The first thing to look at when it comes to your trees is the pruned leader of the tree (vertical stem at the top). This leader will provide strength to the tree’s overall structure and integrity and keep its appearance as upright as possible.

When there is no singular leader for a tree, it may be more susceptible to disease and pests.

During the regular inspections of your trees, it is critical to look for yearly tree growth on the branches and trunk. Measuring the distance between last year’s growth and the current year’s growth will determine its overall health using a holistic approach.

Another point to remember as you inspect your trees is to remember to check the trunk. Unless you have trees such as a birch or maple tree in your yard, the trunk bark should not peel or come loose.

There should also be no fungus, moss, or mold growing. If there is any loose bark, gouges, or other wounds in the tree’s trunk, it needs to be examined by certified arborists who can work with you for proper health care of your tree.

Signs of Good Tree and Plant Health Care

You can determine what good tree and plant health care look like using the information above.

Professional arborist

When you are inspecting your trees to ensure that they are all in good health, be sure to check for the following:

  • a strong central leader tree trunk which maintains the tree’s strength, stability, and form
  • new growth every year that shows a significant distance from the previous year’s growth to ensure good plant health
  • branches that are full, healthy, and strong rather than brittle, bendable, or dead branches
  • copious amounts of leaves which are the appropriate size, shape, and color for the particular tree and the season
  • Strong bark which is not able to be peeled or broken easily
  • no signs of mold, moss, or fungus

If you are unsure of the health of your trees, contact an experienced tree and plant health care expert such as ours at International Environmental Corporation in Los Angeles, California.

Contact Our Los Angeles, CA, Tree Services for More about Tree Health Care

At International Environmental Corporation, our team is here to help you understand what it means to properly inspect your residential or commercial property’s trees and other plant life.

We are happy to discuss what a healthy tree looks like and what signs to look for if you think your trees may be susceptible to pest infestations or disease.

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Inspecting your trees is a fairly simple task that you can do regularly. For a more in-depth analysis of your tree health, it is always best to enlist the professional help of an expert tree service provider such as International Environmental Corporation.

Our team has vast experience and skills in pruning, tree trimming, caring for the roots, knowing how to treat a diseased tree, and preventing disease or pests from spreading.

International Environmental Corporation is the name to call in Los Angeles, California, whether you need landscape and environment maintenance, mulch application, pruning, or other lawn treatment or tree health care program.

International Environmental Corporation has worked with commercial property owners and HOAs, and we always make sure that your landscaping is maintained and your trees are getting the nutrients they need.

Contact us today to get a free estimate for any job you may need to do for your property or learn more about DIY tree health inspections.

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Our team of certified arborists boast a vast knowledge of tree services, making us the top choice in full-spectrum tree care and property services. Our work helps to improve the safety of residential and commercial properties that play home to trees of all sizes.


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