Three Tree Cutting and Care Mistakes Commercial Properties Should Avoid

Are tree-cutting mistakes serious? Lush, healthy trees are a prominent feature of many commercial properties across California, but our commercial tree service contractors in Santa Clarita frequently receive calls from customers confused about how a tree went from thriving to dying. Rotten trees, bark, or branches are not the only problem; avoiding common pruning mistakes can also prevent other dangerous situations, such as:

  • a pest-infested tree stump,
  • falling branches, and
  • girdling.

Below, the team outlines the most common tree removal, pruning, and caretaking mistakes California’s business owners and commercial property managers can avoid.

Why Maintaining Trees is Worth It

Before we delve into tree cutting and the common tree removal mistakes, it is helpful to emphasize why getting it right can make all the difference. According to Global Forest Watch, California has forest land over 26% of its area; that is 2 million acres of tree cover. Expanding cities like Dublin, Imperial, and Rio Vista are doing their best to preserve these Californian trees as they adapt to new environments without:

  • windbreaks,
  • fertilizing undergrowth, or
  • birds and animals to naturally propagate their species.

Pruning keeps trees healthy and beautiful by removing dead or decaying branches and curbing infestations. It also prevents tree limbs from tangling during storms, making trees more weatherproof and aerodynamic. Seasonal attention is all the trees need to thrive, but there are right and wrong ways to approach that activity.

The Top Three Tree Cutting Mistakes to Avoid This Season

Trees require a sizable investment to grow and maintain, including time and money. How can property owners keep them growing happily for decades to come? Here are the top three common tree removal mistakes commercial property owners need to know about:

Flush Cuts

Flush cuts are when pruning cuts off a bark section or branch flush with the main bark or tree trunk. It may look streamlined, but it effectively removes the vital branch collar. These branch collars create the seal over the removed section to heal the tree from its new wounds, and without it, pathogens, insects, and parasites can enter the tree’s vulnerable center more easily.


Does pruning typically leave behind the stub of a branch? This practice can be as damaging as a flush cut. The stubs are full of damaged tree tissue that the branch collar cannot support, and they eventually die.

However, before it dies, the stub plays host to pests and diseases. Even if it survives, the stub will grow irregularly and weaken or crowd branches fighting for the limited supply of nutrients. Properly removing stubs will allow the tree to seal the pruning wound quickly and prevent decay in the trunk.

Pruning During Autumn

While leaving stubs is one of the most common mistakes found along just about every shaded sidewalk in California, commercial property owners also need to avoid starting the pruning too early. Winter is the right time, as most trees and shrubs remain dormant for these few months. Letting autumn pass fully before pruning will make pruning less stressful for the trees and make it simpler to trace branch structures.

Early pruning may promote growth that will die easily as the ambient temperature drops. New branches also cannibalize energy reserves in the tree, resulting in dieback.

The Tree Professionals Can Help

Our licensed arborists from the International Environmental Corporation understand that caring for trees takes years of experience, patience, and training. Neglecting to prune trees is risky. Dead bark and rotting branches potentially cause thousands of dollars of damage to gutters, roofs, and other parts of a commercial building, which is why professional advice will go a long way.

Our clients often share that proficiency in avoiding tree cutting mistakes is one of their foremost considerations when choosing a tree service company. So, why not call the best arborists in California from the International Environmental Corporation at (818) 892-9341 today?

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