The Importance of Proper Tree Placement Around Your Commercial Property

Trees are an excellent addition to any commercial property. They provide shade, add aesthetic value, and help cool the surrounding area, making visitors feel more welcome. However, you can’t just add any kind of tree to your space. You need to consider tree placement, the size of the tree, and the root system.

Choosing the correct type of tree for your commercial property can be challenging, but IEC Trees is here to help! Our team of certified arborists can suggest the best trees according to the available space, your maintenance requirements, and your budget. Invest in the best tree service in Santa Monica by IEC to get the trees your property deserves.

Why Tree Placement Matters

Tree placement matters because trees grow. They are not simple outdoor ornaments you can place and forget. If placed incorrectly, mature-sized trees will not only look unsightly but can also pose a falling or tripping hazard.

If you find it challenging to envision how mature trees will look on your property, give us a call! Our specimen trees can give you a better idea of how the outdoor space on your commercial property can look. We have a portfolio that contains specimen trees under our care. You will be able to see how a particular tree species will look when it is healthy and properly maintained.

3 Reasons to Consider Tree Placement in Your Commercial Property

Curbside Draw

No property owner wants a bare outdoor space. Here at IEC, we know how to choose the right tree for your climate. Whether you want trees that bloom at different times of the year or trees that retain their beauty year-round, we can find the suitable species for you.

We will not only choose trees that bloom according to your needs, but we will also plan the proper tree placement for you. Our tree plans will maximize your available space so that there will be a great contrast in shapes, textures, and spatial appeal.

Safety Considerations

Mature trees with large branches need space to grow without becoming hazards. If trees are placed incorrectly around your commercial property, they can interfere with power lines and lights. Branches and leaves can also block security cameras, making your commercial property prone to thieves and vandals.

We will make sure that we place your trees correctly so that they can thrive. Our tree service pros will account for branch growth and leaf size to ensure they will not grow out of your property lines. If needed, we also provide trimming and pruning services to prevent falling hazards.

Ecological Investments

Planting trees is the best way to increase your property’s ecological value. They provide shade and reduce the outdoor temperature. Mature trees can also act as a buffer against strong winds and noise pollution.

Planting trees can even help you lower your electric bills! Placing trees on the west side of buildings helps protect against harsh sunlight, reducing your need for air conditioning. We will ensure that trees planted on your commercial property will not obstruct airflow to your windows to cool your property further.

Place a Tree on Your Property Today!

Tree placement is critical to creating a beautiful, functional, and enjoyable outdoor space. When done correctly, trees can increase property values by almost 15%! However, you need to choose knowledgeable and trustworthy tree experts to help you find and place suitable trees for your property.

We offer a wide range of tree care services here at IEC. We even offer tree removal services for dead trees. Learn more about tree removal services by calling us at 818-892-9341 today.

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Our team of certified arborists boast a vast knowledge of tree services, making us the top choice in full-spectrum tree care and property services. Our work helps to improve the safety of residential and commercial properties that play home to trees of all sizes.


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