How Landscaping Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Proper landscaping brings nature close to you and can increase your property’s value. A well-designed landscape makes your business more attractive to potential clients and increases its property value up to 20%.

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Landscaping can also improve the energy efficiency in your office, providing environmental and economic benefits. Your well-maintained lawn is the first thing potential clients see when your business is on the market.

You can improve the curb appeal by hiring a landscaper to work on your yard and refresh your property’s façade. 

However, it would help if you had a clear idea of your needs before you start comparing quotes from different professional landscaping contractors in Los Angeles, CA.

Once you know the scope of work, hire a landscaping contractor to start the process of increasing your property’s value.


Here’s how good landscaping can continually improve your property’s value in different aspects.


Planting Trees

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Trees are a significant consideration for many potential buyers in Los Angeles, as people are continually seeking more ways to connect with nature.

Every property valuation expert recommends planting trees as it boosts the value of your business.

This landscaping project can increase your property’s value by up to $10,000.

Trees can also decrease your property’s value when done incorrectly. That includes falling branches and potential root damage.

However, it would be best to grow trees away from drainage systems and parking lots to avoid possible interferences.


Wisely planted trees on your property are proving to be an intelligent investment. Big trees on your property increase its value by 4-20%. To avoid risks, get professional landscaping services in Los Angeles, CA.


The Front Walkways

Walkways are another landscaping feature that boosts your property value in Southern California. They form part of the customers’ first impression, so it is essential to give them a picture-perfect look.

A well-decorated footpath creates a good ambiance for your business. Planting flowers on both sides properly illuminates it, creating a dramatic beauty. Consider mixing annuals and evergreens to create an inviting entry that’s easy to maintain.

Grab a hand trowel, kneeling pad, mulch, and gloves and make this your first DIY landscaping project, or hire professional landscaping services.

Professional landscaping companies in Los Angeles, such as IEC, can also give you ideas to improve your walkways as they are familiar with different designs.

A Well-Maintained Lawn

Your front yard has a massive impact on the desirability of your business. A well-maintained lawn is a significant part of your curb appeal and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Most landscapers recommend making your lawn as lovely as the neighbors’. Lighting is among the most desirable outdoor landscaping features by property buyers.

Most landscapers and market experts advise installing outdoor lights for business owners looking to increase their property’s value significantly.

Landscape lighting enhances your property security and increases its value. Well-lit gardens automatically improve your property’s look, hence adding its value.

Today, most buyers are increasingly attracted to solar-powered lighting solutions to traditional wired ones. Solar-powered lighting solutions are energy efficient and can boost the value of your property by 1%-3%. 

Lighting also maximizes the curb appeal, ensuring that your landscaping features can be seen at any time. Properly placed outdoor space lighting has a 50%-60% return on investment(ROI).

Most outdoor lighting projects in Los Angeles, CA, cost around $1,000-5,000. A high-end project that includes landscape design services, solar-powered lights, and motion sensors can cost over $5,000.

However, the project offers up to 60% recovered value on sale.


Water Features

Building a concrete fountain, backyard ponds, waterfalls, and other water features helps increase your property’s market value. A water feature creates a positive image in the clients’ minds when deciding to buy or not. It also gives your property a unique touch.

Guests can feel relaxed and enjoy themselves, which increases their chance of spending a lot more time in your restaurant or retail space.

When adding a water feature to your commercial property, consider where it will be located on your property, its size, and its decoration before starting the landscaping process.

Experts also recommend adding accent lighting on each side to increase its aesthetic appeal.


Adding Privacy Elements

While you may like to showcase your landscape design once the job is done, most people in Los Angeles value their privacy. A well-thought landscaping design helps achieve this goal, but you might need to hire professionals.

For example, most business owners desire premises with big windows as they keep the interiors well-lit, which means people can see what’s inside from the outside.

Planting hedges, shrubs, and potted trees like the Peypin Tall Extra Larger Planter complements your property and offers much-needed privacy.

Bushy plants are a friendly way to keep prying eyes out of your premises and muzzle noise from neighboring or adjacent properties.


Do you Need Landscape Design Services?

A professional landscaping company can help you add value to your property and maintain inviting exteriors all year round. Whether you need water features, a cool patio, lighting, tree service, water features, or landscaping services, they’ve got your back.

They will spare no effort to create a magnificent outdoor area that will accentuate your property’s look.

You’ll only need to plan your landscaping projects ahead of time, have a clear picture of your garden’s needs, and set a budget for the professionals to work with.

Leading landscaping companies serving Los Angeles and nearby locations, such as IEC, can help you choose beautiful plants that add value to your garden as they have plenty of experience.

Check out our positive reviews from past customers and compare our rates with other landscapers. You’ll appreciate the quality of our work.


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