5 Reasons To Invest in GPS Tree Mapping Software

Are you looking for a convenient approach to tree management? If you are, consider a GPS tree mapping software.

A GPS tree mapping software is a data management software that collects a wide range of information about all types of trees. Should you require professional assistance regarding GPS tree mapping from a trusted tree service contractor in Santa Monica, the International Environment Corporation is the right partner for you.

Read on to explore five reasons to invest in GPS tree mapping software.

How Does It Work?

International Environment Corporation’s tree mapping software works by using GPS technology for comprehensive analysis in tree management. The tree mapping software works with several data collection and mapping devices systematically placed on trees within a respective area.

These devices digitally survey and collect real-time data through the map-based program and create a tree map for experts to analyze, recommend and draw conclusions.

Some of the data collected may include:

  • The exact location of the trees
  • The health and structure of trees
  • The population of trees
  • The soil condition, and
  • Tree hazards

The system also allows you to reuse previously obtained data or import-related data from other GIS (geographical information systems) databases. A fast internet connection is paramount for the software to perform optimally.

The common GPS conducted tree assessments are for:

  • Street trees
  • Open space trees
  • Private trees
  • Trees on golf courses
  • Trees on government and commercial property

Why is GPS Tree Mapping Software a Worthy Investment?

Managing ten trees is already a daunting task. How draining would it be if you were responsible for 50 trees or more and perhaps from different species?

That is where map-based software would come in handy. Below are some reasons you should consider investing in GPS tree mapping software:

Ensures Efficiency and Effectiveness in Tree Management

Efficiency ensures you use minimal resources to produce an intended result, while effectiveness helps create better outcomes that yield more value.

Reliable mapping software and a comprehensive management plan help you manage trees efficiently and effectively. For instance, you can single out and quarantine a single area of a park during an outbreak, as opposed to cordoning off the entire park. Alternatively, you can cut only the dying and diseased trees without touching the healthy ones owing to the data provided by the program.

Serves as a Defense During Budget Proposals

A GPS Tree Mapping Software allows a proposer to justify their case when requesting funds from the government or any funding committee. One could use the mapping platform to authenticate information, increasing their chances of securing funding.

Offers Compelling Visualization

Different visualization methods offered by the software enable one to maintain an audience’s interest during the presentation and easily make a point.

Allows One to Make Sense of Complex Data

Data on trees, especially on a large parcel of land, is substantial, making it hard to analyze in its raw form. The GPS tree mapping software simplifies the data through classification and allows for accessible data sharing in different forms, hence, faster decision-making.


GPS tree inventory mapping software might be costly to purchase and maintain. But in the long run, it is cheaper than most of the other methods of tree management.

The map-based program allows managers to get better insights into the health and location of trees in one instance, compared to daily moving around a yard or forest for pruning and other tree-related management activity.

The software also comes in handy when budgeting for your tree inventory.

Trusted Tree Inventory Mapping Professionals

Having the right tools and expertise should be core when selecting a tree service contractor for your trees. If you want to learn more about tree inventory mapping or get your GPS tree mapping software, contact the International Environment Corporation at 818-892-9341.

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