Why Professional Tree Trimming & Pruning is Worth the Cost

Hiring a tree service for trimming and pruning may seem costly.Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning But when you weigh the pros and cons of working with tree experts, you’ll see the importance of leaving tree work to professionals.

We get it. You love gardening and all that. But more giant trees – taller than 15 feet- with big branches or close to electrical lines is a different challenge.

Read on to learn how to save money when hiring a professional tree trimming service for your property.



Better Tree Appearance

Neglecting your trees means they will grow out of shape and balance. Tree limbs and branches may grow in different directions, and this uneven growth can make your trees less appealing.

If it’s done right, trimming can enhance the shape of your deciduous trees. Thinning out limbs and eliminating unshapely branches also improve tree appearance.

If you’d like to boost your property’s appeal, work with an arborist who prioritizes tree pruning and trimming.


Improves Landscape Aesthetics

Tree trimming and tree pruning

When you fail to trim or prune trees regularly, the aesthetics of your landscape will suffer. Bushy trees with densely packed branches will ultimately block the sun and stop rainwater from reaching the grass and flower underneath, inhibiting their growth.

Hiring a tree pruning professional means your trees will have just enough branches so sunlight and moisture can get through to the undergrowth. Pruning trees also helps to enhance the appearance of the landscape.

Avoid Health and Safety Risks

Tree care work is fraught with risks. A major concern for any business owner is the risk posed by storm-damaged trees or trees that pests or diseases have ravaged.

Trees that are encroaching on nearby powerlines are a safety risk too. Then there is the issue of dying trees. Limbs may appear perfect from the ground, but they might be completely rotten and snap when slight pressure is put on them.

Some trees are also not safe to climb, and that’s why tree experts use cranes or bucket trucks instead of climbers to scale them. You may also not spot potential hazards if you have not received proper training. A professional tree care specialist will remove broken or damaged limbs before they fall into your commercial building or hurt someone.

If you’re concerned about trees’ health and safety, talk to IEC Trees. We can remove dead branches, diseased branches, or lower branches that pose a safety risk to your and your loved ones.


Good Tree Health

After planting trees, you need to take care for them to thrive. Remember, your trees can also sustain severe damage or die due to high winds, drought, hail storm damage, and drought.

Pruning removes dying, diseased, or damaged branches and can ensure healthy ones sprout when the growing season begins. An arborist also knows how much trimming or pruning your trees requires. If you do it yourself, you can hurt your tree’s health, which may ultimately result in tree removal.

Leave the job to a certified arborist with years of experience in tree care. They will give your trees the best care possible and ensure your precious trees continue to grow strong and beautiful.


Satisfactory Results

Tree care is not child’s play, especially if you don’t have hands-on experience. You can mess up your trees and end up with many trees. Not sure if that’s what you want for your business’s exterior. If you wouldn’t dare attempt to cut your hair, why do you want to take a stab at tree care?

You can avoid unpleasant results when you work with tree services. Their tree care experts will work on your tree branches and limbs and make your trees look attractive just as you want.

Since the arborist uses the right trimming methods, they can also ensure healthy tree growth.


Avoid Property Damage

Another reason to invest in professional tree services? You’ll avoid damaging your property; besides, you may not even know where to start. Start too high, and you can cause a cut branch to fall on a weaker branch can bring it down.

Tree care, especially pruning trees too close to your property, increases the likelihood of tree limbs falling and damaging your roof. A professional tree pruning company knows how to take down tree limbs and branches safely and efficiently.


Ways to Save Money with a Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

Choosing to work with an arborist doesn’t mean breaking your bank. Here are practical ways to save money:

  • Arrange tree trimming for the off-season when prices are generally lower than in summer or spring.
  • Schedule routine tree care and maintenance. Watering, mulching, and regular tree trimming keep trees healthy and avert problems down the road.
  • Contact the power company if trees on your property infringe on nearby powerlines or become a safety concern. Their technicians often trim trees near power lines for free.
  • Get rid of the debris on your property yourself. Save the wood chips for heating or sell them as firewood.
  • Request multiple quotes from different tree services to know who offers the best value for money.
  • Inquire about tree service packages in Los Angeles and group discounts for various trees or jobs within your location.
  • Avoid doing large trimming jobs or tree removal on your own. You may spend a lot more, waste precious time, and even hurt yourself or damage your property.


Hire Tree Trimming and Pruning Experts in Los Angeles, CA

Tree Trimming, Tree PruningWhen the time comes to prune broken branches in your property’s garden or fruit trees,  make IEC Trees, a certified tree care and landscaping services provider, your priority.

We are a professional tree service with years of experience pruning trees in Los Angeles, CA. We can prune your tree canopy to ensure rain and lights penetrates, reduce your tree’s height, remove diseased branches and dead limbs to promote healthy trees, and even help with stump removal.

We’ve got your back, whether you have mature shade trees with hundreds of limbs or young trees with a few branches. Call (818) 892-9341 and request a free estimate today.

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