What Is A Tree Inventory and Why Is It Important? 

A tree inventory is a proactive practice that helps keep your yard or community safe. Professional documentation of each tree in a designated area creates a valuable log of beneficial details. In addition, it is an excellent and accessible way to keep track of your trees and monitor their health. 

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What is Tree Inventory? 

A tree inventory is when an arborist identifies and logs all trees in a specific area. The list can include street trees, park trees, or private property. On a larger level, the forest service will conduct a forest inventory. During this inventory, an arborist will examine the trunk, above-ground roots, and crown and take diligent notes. 

These detailed records provide relevant and helpful information such as the following: 

  • Location of the tree
  • How old the tree is 
  • The species of the tree 
  • Any defects detected 
  • Condition of the tree 
  • Recommended action 

The arborist will then categorize the recommended action into one of four groups. These groups are: 

  • High
  • Medium 
  • Low 
  • No action 

These ratings determine if the tree needs immediate attention, will eventually need care, or if the tree is 100% healthy. Knowing the current action level of a tree can tell you what dead limbs need to come down to prevent injury and help you budget for future services. 

Why is Tree Inventory Important? 

Trees are a vital part of everyday life and provide numerous long-term and short-term benefits. Keeping them healthy and creating a tree inventory aids in keeping the environment healthy and the community protected. 

A tree inventory is essential because it is an easy way to keep track of your trees and any potential risks they may possess. In addition, an easily accessible log of where each tree is and the urgency of action needed allows you to prioritize tree care accurately. 

Benefits of Tree Inventory 

Many benefits come with creating a tree inventory, including: 


An arborist will accurately assess the trees and let you know which ones are dead, dying, or have any diseases. Tree inventory can help you avoid cutting down healthy trees. 


Once you have a clear understanding of how many trees require immediate service or how many need treatment, you can begin to budget accordingly. You will also have time to compare pricing with tree companies to get the best price. 


Knowing which trees you have can aid in determining which species you should cut down or which species you should plant more. This guidance allows you to have a diverse array of trees, which can help prevent one disease or insect from destroying your entire forest. 

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