Common Tree Services That Fall Under The Typical HOA Tree Policy

If your property is part of a homeowner’s association (HOA), you may be familiar with the association’s policies regarding the upkeep, care, and removal of trees. 

Your HOA’s tree policy likely dictates how and when the trees on any property in your community, including communal land, must be cared for. Navigating these policies can seem challenging but can save property owners time and stress further down the road. 

Fortunately, our team at  International Environmental Corporation can help. We’re tree service professionals in Los Angeles, providing a line of comprehensive tree maintenance and removal services. 

In this blog, we talk about typical services covered under HOA tree policies. To learn more about tree care, the removal of trees, and more, give our team a call today. 

Common HOA Tree Policy Services

To maintain property values, neighborhood appeal, and other factors, HOA policies require services that target many goals. 

Appearance Upkeep

HOA tree policies seek to maintain the aesthetic appeal of any trees on HOA-controlled property. For this reason, HOA policies may require regular trimming, pruning, fertilization, mulching, and other services that maintain the tree’s ideal appearance. 

HOA tree policies can require these services for trees on community land as well as those on individual properties within the HOA. 

Maintenance For Safety 

Another goal of HOA tree policies focuses on safety. By removing dead limbs, fallen trees, pests, and other issues, tree maintenance keeps HOA properties safe for community members and their guests. 

In some cases, failure to maintain the safety of trees on your property can result in fines from your HOA, or other serious repercussions. Consult your HOA tree policy if you have concerns about your individual tree maintenance responsibilities. 

Emergency Tree Cleanup And Removal 

HOA tree policies often address the need for emergency tree cleanup and removal. This portion of policy designates actions to take if damaged trees block community roadways or otherwise damage community property. 

These policies also require individual property owners within the HOA to hire emergency tree cleanup services in the event that tree emergencies occur on their properties. 

Overgrown Root Removal 

Many HOA tree policies require the maintenance and removal of root overgrowth. 

Unkempt roots can damage roadways, plumbing, structures, and more throughout at HOA community. HOAs must manage root growth on community property while individual homeowners maintain their own. 

Pest Control 

Finally, pest control makes up a critical part of nearly every HOA tree policy. Maintaining tree pests keeps individual properties and the community at large safe from large-scale infestations of bugs or rodents. 

Property owners who fail to keep up with pest control services may face heavy fines from their HOA, in addition to other penalties. Consult your HOA tree policy to clarify your responsibilities and possible consequences. 

Complications With HOA Tree Service Policies

Sometimes, disputes arise over who owns or is responsible for a tree’s care. 

While the HOA often clearly defines community property lines, ownership of trees between or bordering residential properties may be less clear. 

When ownership or privacy issues arise connected to trees and tree foliage, consulting HOA policies and California law becomes necessary. If the trunk of a tree resides entirely on one property, the owner of that property also owns the tree. 

Property owners who share trunk growth of a single tree each share ownership of that tree. 

Find Professional HOA Tree Services in Los Angeles 

If you need help navigating your HOA tree policy or finding HOA tree services, International Environmental Corporation can help. 

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