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GPS Tree Inventory Mapping Service in California

GPS Tree Inventory MappingManaging and maintaining 2 or 3 trees in your own home can already be a difficult task. Imagine having to manage and maintain 50 or even 100 trees! It can be hard to keep track of each tree or specific species, let alone the special treatment and maintenance that each one might need. 

With the help of a tool called Arbor-Note, our trained and certified team of arborists can help you stay on top of all the trees in your HOA, community, or municipality through GPS Tree Inventory Mapping. This is a very helpful tool for people hoping to locate, plot, and plan tree management projects.

If you need a partner who can provide Tree Inventory Mapping services, call us. International Environmental Corporation is the best team for any of your tree service needs in the cities of Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando in California.

What Is GPS Tree inventory Mapping

It is a data management tool or software that is used for mapping and collecting data or all information about all types of trees in an urban forest or even a property. 

The data collected is helpful to the end-user for tree health and structure assessment, quantified tree risk assessments, tree management recommendations, hazard assessment, work programs, useful life expectancy ratings, and other information.

How Does It Work

The GPS Tree Inventory Mapping works by using GPS technology for data collection including pinpointing the exact location of trees, their health and soil condition, and other specific needs that allow easy and effective management of trees.

The collected information works well with a fast internet connection and enables a property manager or owner to make a plan for proper tree care and management irrespective of the land or forest landscape. This also allows healthy growth of the trees especially because of its accuracy in determining the strengths and weaknesses of specific trees.


Why Do You Need This Service

GPS Tree Inventory Mapping service has many advantages for everyone – if you have many trees on your property or you’re a property manager in a park or urban forest, GPS Tree Inventory Mapping will help you keep the best landscape possible!

This service is also very effective when it comes to budgeting your tree inventory.

You will be able to avoid cutting down trees that are healthy instead of those that are damaged. It is common to pay tree service companies to cut the wrong trees and this method can easily be avoided when you use GPS Tree Inventory Mapping.

Most importantly, it is easy to prioritize and improve efficiency in taking care of your trees to better your forest with healthy trees. This technology can also help in managing trees in golf courses and make them more attractive. You’ll be able to manage your trees with a high level of accuracy including pruning, and proper documentation that will ease your tree care and management.


Benefits of Professional GPS Tree Inventory Mapping

GPS Tree Inventory Mapping 2GPS Tree Inventory Mapping Service in Los Angeles California[/caption]International Environmental Corporation creates a personalized approach to properly take care of your trees based on the soil and nutrients needed by the trees to grow strong. Before any care is done, a certified arborist will evaluate the trees to determine which approach will yield the best possible outcome.

This is why tree inventory mapping is very important. Knowing the location, health and soil condition, and other specific needs of your trees can allow us to create a customized plan for tree management. GPS Tree Inventory Mapping also makes the following possible:

  • Look-up street trees by property address
  • View trees from one or all your properties at the same  time
  • Track tree-related sidewalk and hardscape damage
  • Check maintenance history records

With this service, you can always keep track of the health and work history of your property. And with our team on the job, you can have the peace of mind that your trees are being cared for right away!

GPS Tree Inventory Mapping in Los Angeles, CA

At International Environment Corporation, we have ISA-certified arborists who are highly trained, skilled, and experienced to provide Tree Inventory Mapping services.

Our tree services are quality and with the help of the Arbor-Note software tool, we will help you develop an effective plan and management solution for your trees in your home, park, or forest in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

When planting trees, consider our tree services, we will help you manage your tree inventories or urban forest and make your property more appealing with green and healthy trees.


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We are a one-stop shop tree service company, the most certified in the field in the state of California. Trust that International Environmental Corporation has you covered. At International Environmental Corporation, we have all the necessary tools and expertise to make sure that we are able to provide the quality tree services that you need.

This is why International Environmental Corporation is the top choice for commercial property owners in the cities of Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando in California. You can contact us through our site or call us at 818-892-9341!

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