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Trees are a vital part of our environment. Not only do they provide a source of beauty to neighborhoods and communities, they also have crucial environmental benefits and give us all a place to relax, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

For neighborhoods that are part of Homeowners Associations, decisions on landscaping and tree management for common areas and urban forests within the HOA territory are usually the HOA’s responsibility. Managing multiple trees planted in a big area definitely won’t be a walk in the park and hiring professionals may be necessary. With a high level of expertise in the field, there is no better team than International Environmental Corporation to handle your HOA Tree Management needs in the cities of Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando in California. 

Professional HOA Tree Services from International Environmental Corporation

International Environmental Corporation understands trees. Throughout their lifetime, trees can provide a benefit package worth two to three times more than the investment made in planting and caring for them. Our team of certified arborists at International Environmental Corporation creates a personalized approach to caring for your trees, based on the soil and nutrients needed by your trees to grow strong.  We make sure that you receive every penny’s worth of benefit you invest to help manage trees within your neighborhood. The International Environmental Corporation team is composed of highly trained and skilled professionals who can offer the following services for your HOA:

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning – The improved structure of tree beautification promotes better tree health and a more attractive appearance for your trees and community as a whole. But the removal of unsightly branches and limbs does not only serve an aesthetic purpose, it also helps keep your community safe. Overgrown and untended trees can pose a dangerous threat. The International Environmental Corporation team is composed of  highly trained arborists who can provide you with an informed tree inspection and assessment that analyzes potential risk. 
  • Tree Removal Tree removal is a highly precise project which requires the expertise of trained professionals. With the finest equipment and our team’s proven skill and experience, International Environmental Corporation can serve your tree removal needs safely, efficiently, and effectively. This process can help improve the safety of your properties and truly revitalize your landscape.
  • Tree Healthcare – International Environmental Corporation arborists can diagnose the health of a tree and provide steps to treat potential problems. Not only does this improve safety, but this proactive care benefits the health of the tree. A professional arborist can address cracks, cavities and more to prevent the issues from spreading or getting worse
  • GPS Tree Inventory Mapping Digital GPS based Tree Inventory Mapping makes it easy to locate, map, and plot trees in your neighborhood and urban forest! Through this technique, our team can create a tree care and maintenance plan that helps us efficiently manage your trees and you monitor possible tree service needs. 

Trust the Full-Service Tree Professionals, International Environmental Corporation

We are a one stop shop tree service company, the most certified in the field in the state of California. Trust that International Environmental Corporation has got you covered. At International Environmental Corporation, we have all the necessary tools and expertise to make sure that we are able to provide tree services that you need. This is why International Environmental Corporation is the top choice for property owners in the cities of Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando in California. Call us at 818-892-9341!

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Our team of certified arborists boast a vast knowledge of tree services, making us the top choice in full-spectrum tree care and property services. Our work helps to improve the safety of residential and commercial properties that play home to trees of all sizes.


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