Tree Reports

Tree Reports

Trees are as important to your Los Angeles landscape design as a brilliant, healthy lawn. They assist both the environment and the area you plant them by saving energy and keeping the air we breathe clean.

Trees provide shelter and protection from the elements and even support healing. With this in mind, it is paramount to ensure the protection of trees during construction. At the International Environmental Corporation, our certified arborist team offers consultation on tree reports in Los Angeles, CA, before and after your construction project.

Here are some reasons you should hire qualified arborists from the International Environmental Corporation.

Tree Planning

Tree consulting is an often overlooked step when starting a project. Our qualified arborists have experience in tree protection and management in landscaping. Some clients that consult with us for advice on tree removal and placement are construction professionals, city managers, landscape contractors, and landowners.

What is a tree report? When commercial property owners plan new construction, the city often requires a written tree report before issuing permits for the project. With tree reports in Los Angeles by our certified arborists, we can properly plan location decisions for trees to reduce risk and damage. The International Environmental Corporation also provides reports for HOAs. 

We provide tree planning before the construction of commercial spaces. While contractors work on the site, our team helps maintain the health and beauty of the trees.

Tree Consultation to Enhance Curb Appeal

A lot of forests in America exist within our cities and towns. Trees create a welcoming appeal and attract people to your business.

However, if the property is not well looked after, it can prevent potential customers from getting your services. Overgrown foliage, including trees, lawns, hedges, and shrubs can reduce your business’s curb appeal. Poor landscaping may reduce the property value and make the area look less polished. 

Instead of getting rid of trees before starting your construction project, our arborists can include urban forests in the construction plans. Consider improving your project’s appeal and outdoor aesthetic by including wetlands, landscaped boulevards, gardens, and nature preserves.

Maintaining Healthy Trees

At International Environmental Corporation, we deliver trimming and pruning of trees if your property already has them. Our arborists specialize in plant care to ensure the longevity of your plants. Our team provides arborist reports upon request. 

Arborist reports document the condition and health of trees on your property, including issues or damages. The reports give the cause of the problem and steps to treat it.

A professional arborist will address cavities and cracks in ill trees and prevent the problem from infecting other trees. Our professionally trained arborists are well equipped to handle overgrown trees. We inspect and assess potential risks to avoid further damage.

At International Environmental Corporation, we save and nurture diseased trees to avoid the need for tree removal. However, if the healthy-looking trees suffer from root rot or pest attack, the best solution may be to cut them down to prevent infecting other trees.

Protective Tree Reports

The International Environmental Corporation provides protective tree reports in Los Angeles, CA. These reports cover all trees that are on the site, outlining how to shelter trees during the demolition and development of roads, towers, pipelines, dams, housing, and commercial buildings.

We identify the trees on your property and the potential construction impact on them, such as water diversion, regrouting, and paving. Some tree protection solutions are avoiding paving within the root system of the tree and placing chain-link fences around the tree.

When you need a tree report in Los Angeles, CA, call the International Environmental Corporation at 818-892-9341.

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